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Marell Legal Products - Understanding & Negotiating Sales Contracts
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Understanding the complex maze of contracts, clauses, and legal ramifications is essential to maintaining profitability in a transaction because a single slip can become financially disastrous.

The knowledge and skills required to become proficient at navigating this complex process is a learned process, not magic. It can be learned effectively in a single hands-on contract law training session led by an experienced attorney who knows the realities of sales agreements and how to work with them.

In this content driven program, you’ll learn:

  • “LegalSpeak”  An introduction to contract and business law terminology

  • “What’s this mean?”  The art of reading a contract to identify major issues

  • “Contentious Clauses”  The three “hot” areas of a contract and how to work with them

  • “Really Big Stuff”  The major areas of contracts and what they mean

  • “Oh No!”  Analysis of critical issues from the Seller’s perspective

  • “What’s the Deal?”  Analysis of your Company’s sales terms and conditions with your Customer’s proposed contracts

  • “Put it in Writing”  Writing your sales agreements and business contracts

  • “Everything’s Changeable”  The importance of the Addendum

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Who should attend?
Rookies through proven veterans – everyone who reviews, writes or negotiates contracts with their customers. It will make a positive difference in the deals you do. Now, more than ever, it's important that you understand the contract terms and conditions and know how to effectively negotiate a contract that protects your company.

This business contract law seminar is custom tailored to your organization’s needs using the terms and conditions of your sales contract and your customer’s contracts and consists of a combination of:

  • Lecture
  • Explanation
  • Demonstrations
  • Active audience participation, and
  • Q & A ……All your questions answered!

At your site….on your schedule

Attendees will be provided with a complete workbook giving sample form sales contracts, agreements, and clauses, what they mean, how to apply them, what caveats to watch out for when using them, and other important information in writing and negotiating business contracts.

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At the end of this sales contract training, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand critical contract terms and issues
  • Negotiate and write a contract to your advantage
  • Maximize your company’s profit and minimize your risk
  • Expedite the legal review
  • Anticipate potential disputes before they happen….to avoid litigation
  • Finalize the Contract…..and close the deal more quickly

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